Scientific research

By joining us you will be given a great opportunity to actively support and contribute to scientific research programmes that have a direct effect on the surrounding environment and our activity in general.


By working together with us you will become an active participant in lawmaking processes. You will be able to put forward proposals, take part in discussions and form as well as influence legislation that affect the beekeeping industry.


Working in partnership with us makes you a part of a team of professionals that are always one step ahead. Leaders of the beekeeping industry will share their experience, discoveries and best practices with you during the events that are held regularly.

Proactivity which changes the future

Lithuanian professional beekeeper association “Austeja” was established in order to strengthen the ties of beekeeping community, protect its interests and stimulate cooperation. We pay particular attention to the beekeepers whose income and family wellbeing is highly or fully dependent on their beekeeping activities and the amount of bee products that they sell in the market. Members of the organization include professional as well as semi-professional beekeepers and enthusiasts to whom beekeeping is a hobby. We believe in our team and we will prove that the goal of associations is a proactive action and not a passive inactivity!