About us

Professional beekeepers are people who dedicate a significant part of their lives to the beekeeping. Our goal is to improve our knowledge and understanding of bees as well as to adjust to their rhythm of life and constantly look for more advanced methods of beekeeping. Livelihood of majority of us is also dependent on beekeeping activities.

In the recent years Lithuanian market has been overfilled with imported honey. As a consequence, it has become increasingly difficult to sell Lithuanian forest and grassland honey, especially in larger quantities. Even the old-timers of the honey market that have uncountable years of experience, solid reputation, loyal customers and connections, have been affected severely. It therefore goes without saying that newcomers to the market face immense problems from the day one. The only sensible solution to this problem is export.

Based on the experiences of other countries, in 2018 Lithuanian professional beekeepers association „Austeja“ was established. This organization unites owners of sizeable apiaries whose occupation is beekeeping business. Most of the members, together with their families, take care of over 150 bee families. All members of the organization are hard-working, friendly, truthful and responsible.

Main goals of our association are:

  • To collectively find foreign markets for honey and honey products;
  • To represent the rights of the members of our association in the governing institutions of Lithuania, the European Union and other international organizations;
  • To exchange personal knowledge and experience of beekeeping and share the most recent and important information regarding beekeeping in Lithuania and abroad with other members of association;
  • To help members apply the most innovative beekeeping technologies in their own activities;
  • To find ways of organizing purchasing of beekeeping tools and equipment centrally and directly from manufacturers so the members of the association could minimize the costs.